Online group exercise classes

Green Apple Home Health offers live online exercise classes designed to help you live a better, healthier life.

Our live group classes are run by experienced exercise physiologists and exercise professionals and are suitable for people of all ages and levels of mobility and flexibility. Each class has a unique health focus, with exercises tailored to your needs and capabilities.

Create a healthy routine, build strength and better manage your chronic conditions.

Our live online medical exercise classes help people manage a range of chronic conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, lung dysfunction, heart conditions, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Stay active at home with LIVE-stream classes

Home Health’s supervised exercise classes are delivered online, with no need for a clinic or specialised gym. We live-stream our classes, so you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Live virtual classes also allow us to provide you with personalised, tailored coaching, so we can encourage you and make any corrections. You can see and interact with your trainer and other class participants, just as you would in person.

Online live group fitness classes are a chance to be with others focused on improving their health and wellness. They are a wonderful opportunity to interact with new people and give and receive support.

Build lifelong skills to manage your health

With the right exercises and expert advice, you can maintain good health and manage chronic conditions.

We offer daily online medical exercise classes via Zoom plus on-site classes at our Green Apple Wellness Centre in Brisbane. Zoom is an easy platform for anyone to use. You can join a virtual class using your mobile, tablet or computer.

Our evidence-based exercise programs run continuously throughout the year, paid in 10-week blocks. All classes run for 60 minutes, with an opportunity during the class to interact with and talk with your trainer.

Move your body with affordable exercise classes led by health professionals. From improving your strength and balance to increasing your cardiovascular health, we have a program to suit your needs.

These LIVE Online Classes provide opportunities for friendship

Active Seniors Exercise Classes

Active Seniors Exercise Class is a class designed for people 60 years and older. Improve your quality of life and overall health with exercises tailored to your needs and health goals. Our online live exercise classes for seniors help you stay active with the support of an experienced trainer.

Steady Steps Classes

Steady Steps is a falls prevention class developed in partnership with Queensland Health. This class is very manageable for people with diminished bone density concerns. Exercise in a fun, friendly setting to improve your balance, coordination, strength and general quality of life.

Lungs in Action Classes

Lungs in Action is a program specifically designed for people with breathing challenges. Use strength and cardiovascular exercise to improve your functional ability and symptoms of breathlessness and make daily activities easier to do.

Lift for Life Classes

Lift for Life is a strength training class for diabetics based on research by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Increase and maintain muscle mass and control blood glucose levels through this progressive resistance training. This class is designed to help you manage your condition in partnership with your doctor.

Heartgrooves Classes

Heartgrooves is a class designed to increase your strength, fitness and flexibility. Lower the risk factors of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions with progressive resistance training and cardiovascular and stretching exercises.

Every day, you will have the opportunity to socialise at a set time through our live virtual chat room.

Staying active has never been easier

Interested in Home Health group exercise?

  1. Call 1800 862 134 or complete the online form we will contact you. 
  2. We will talk with you and discuss what you want to achieve and help you decide which pathway to take.
  3. We will ask you to fill in a Health Screening Questionnaire before you get started*. 
  4. We will enrol you in your live online group glass and organise your payment.

*To ensure your safety and ongoing health, we will assess any risk factors in relation to chronic conditions and we may request you visit your doctor prior to enrollment in any group class.

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