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What is Home Health?

Home Health is a Telehealth pathway that allows patients in regional and rural Australia to work with an exercise physiologist or personal trainer in their own environment.

This online service is designed and run by the team at Green Apple Wellness Centre. Our accredited exercise physiologists specialise in delivering high-level care for people managing chronic health conditions and wellness concerns, such as Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, hip and knee replacements, chronic pain and falls prevention.

We work with referring doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and podiatrists to provide personalised, supervised programs.

Home Health accepts Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plans from Medicare and service Medicare Telehealth referrals.

Why choose Home Health?

Home Health delivers greater value and more advanced benefits than standard Telehealth programs. Every week, patients receive follow-up contact with their personal exercise physiologist. 

All Home Health clients receive:

Home Health Benefits

Exercise programs are customised to the specific health needs of each patient.

Clear visual instructions ensure patients implement the right exercises.

A dedicated trainer helps keep patients motivated and accountable.

Regular support helps address any medical, physical or emotional barriers to exercise.

Patients can access their exercise program anywhere, maximising their use of time.

Virtual group sessions provide opportunities for social connection.

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Who will benefit from Home Health?

Home Health is perfect for anyone who is unable to access a tailored exercise program or would prefer to exercise in the comfort of home. 

Our team is passionate about ensuring people in regional, rural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have access to highly skilled health professionals, where and when they need them.

We focus on improving health outcomes for people of all ages, from children with special needs to seniors. This includes people who:

How do I refer patients to Home Health?

Getting your patients started with Home Health is easy.

Step One

Patients can be referred to Home Health using a Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan.

Step Two

Once we have received the patient’s CDM referral, we will contact them by phone. Patients can also contact us directly. During this call, we explain the Home Health process and book their initial appointment.

Step Three

Patients will attend an initial one-on-one appointment with an exercise physiologist. During this 30-minute Telehealth session, the exercise physiologist will conduct a patient assessment and prescribe a personalised exercise program.

Step Four

The exercise physiologist will prepare a clinical note and Medicare report, then send this to you electronically.

Step Five

Follow-up sessions are booked based on the patient’s needs. Once the bulk-billed sessions are complete, the patient can choose to continue their program with a Home Health membership.

Home Health uses Physitrack, a healthcare app that makes it easy to engage with patients. Physitrack allows us to share exercise videos, prescribe exercise programs and track patient outcomes.

We provide technical support to help patients access Physitrack and stay connected.

What is the cost to patients?

Some Home Health services are bulk billed. With CDM plan, patients can access a maximum of five sessions with a Home Health exercise physiologist each calendar year.

After the Medicare CDM plan is complete, Home Health is offered as a membership service. Patients can continue working with their appointed trainer for a weekly cost of $30.20.

For patients who prefer intermittent support, we offer one-on-one personal training sessions online with an exercise physiologist for $85 for a 30mins session or $125 for a 60mins session.

Frequently asked questions

A HomeHealth membership costs $30.20 per week, plus $5 extra for Online Face-to-Face Group Classes. Patients who are not HomeHealth members can attend casual sessions for $85 per 30 minutes or $125 per hour. No lock-in contract, you can cancel anytime. 

Patients referred to Home Health as part of an Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan can access five sessions each year at no cost.

Green Apple Wellness Centre has been delivering personalised healthcare since 1978. The same exercise physiologists that deliver our face-to-face programs are now able to deliver this quality service to people in rural and regional areas.

Green Apple’s exercise physiologists have been diligently reporting to doctors since 2008.

Feel better @ home.

Talk to an exercise physiologist today about your patient needs or to learn more about Home Health.