Reach your wellness goals from home.

Green Apple Home Health is an online service that allows you to work with exercise physiologists and personal trainers, without visiting a clinic or gym. We design personalised exercise programs for people of all ages.

Maintain body strength

Build stamina and energy

Reduce pain and discomfort

Improve mobility and flexibility

Take charge and enjoy life more

Feel healthier and happier

Personalised exercise programs you can do anywhere.

Our bodies need support to stay healthy and active throughout our lives. Expert guidance, when and where you need it, can make a real difference.  

Green Apple Home Health is delivered online, making it easy to get the support you need. Through one-on-one, real-time video and phone appointments, we help you maintain and improve your health, independence and enjoyment of daily life.

Why choose Home Health

Receive one-on-one coaching in real-time

Every session is conducted live, helping you learn the correct techniques for each exercise and see the best results.

Work with the same trainer, every time

Build a strong relationship with your trainer, as they help you set goals and remain accountable.

Access your exercise program from anywhere

Our online service is available in regional and rural areas, whether you are unable to leave the house or travelling the country.

Exercise in the comfort of your own environment

Choose when and where you do your exercises. With minimal equipment required, it’s easy to fit your exercises into daily life.

Easy to use with technical support close at hand

Not tech-savvy? No problem. Home Health is simple to use. We will guide you through the set up and support you every step of the way.

Stay motivated and accountable

Your dedicated trainer will keep track of what you are doing. They will share your wellbeing journey, keeping you motivated and inspired.

Exercise programs to match your needs.

We customise your exercise program to your personality, past experiences and health goals, taking the time to address any medical, physical or emotional concerns. We work with you to understand what your health and wellbeing goals are, and implement the right exercises to help you achieve them.

How you can exercise anywhere, anytime with guidance from Green Apple.

Tina, one of our amazing clients.